Although sometimes it may not feel like it, each of us is the driver of our own work-life journey. Many employers offer a range of benefits that they hope will support people in architecting their own work-life fit, but the daily decisions are up to you!

Setting a daily intention is the pathway toward your desired mix. Progress is found in the details of our day-to-day routine when we begin to understand how small changes can improve our mix and overall work-life satisfaction.

The Work-Life Pledge™ offers a menu of best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness. These five sections span health & wellness, the world of work, managing technology, personal communication, and individual growth. Each category offers specific practices that foster purposeful and healthy choices with a positive impact. The practices you choose create small steps toward new habits. Start by:

  • Reviewing the pledge menu and think about what’s important to you and how to work toward that direction.
  • Personalizing your pledge by selecting 1, 2 or more strategies to practice for 60 days with support from Build a Better Culture.

The Work-Life Pledge™ is your opportunity to go after your desired work-life mix with effort – similar to the effort that we put into our careers and other important areas of life.

Work-Life Pledge

  • To improve my work-life fit, I will ...
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