The values of the organization cascade through its day-to-day activities and this creates the springboard for people to thrive, feel trusted, work flexibly, and take healthy risks that keep your organization on the cutting edge of your business.

  • Does your workplace cultivate optimism and energy?
  • Do you meet stress with compassion and grit?
  • Do people speak out and speak up with concerns and ideas?
  • Do leaders lead with a work-life perspective?

Why Culture Matters

Workplace culture is less about what an organization does and much more about how they do it. It’s essential to retention, engagement, and worker happiness and satisfaction, and it impacts overall productivity and financial performance.

While culture is determined by a number of factors, leaders set the agenda and shape the culture through their vision, values, and behaviors — and managers are the engine for the impact these things have on others.

“Creating an inclusive environment where the needs of all workers can be met is not just HR work.”

Leaders, managers, supervisors, and all workers have a role in demonstrating the values that lead to a professional, positive, high-performing culture that fosters civility and eradicates disruptive behavior and bullying at work.

Here at Build a Better Culture, we are passionate about fostering professional behavior in the workplace and advancing work-life progress. We help organizations with culture-based initiatives that improve how we work and live. We help individuals live with purpose and impact by blending their values into their work.

How to Build Better Culture

There are many ways to build a better culture at work – depending on your industry, you might be focused on quality work-life mix to attract and retain brilliant and diverse talent. Or, maybe improving a culture of professionalism and safety is your focus and you want to address disruptive behavior and bullying. Perhaps you are proud of your workplace culture and need to help emerging leaders shine.

Build a Better Culture can help you and your organization:

We can work with you and your staff in small groups, retreats, trainings, executive coaching, or program development. We start where you are. Let’s get started and build a better culture together.

Now is the time to double down on culture initiatives and the power of your impact!